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Join the English Film & Discussion Movie Night at vhs Unterhaching! How does it feel to live in two different worlds with different cultures and traditions? The film portrays the life of a young women from Pakistan who lives two different lives in two different worlds: in her community, she wears Muslim clothes, cooks for her father and brother, and behaves as a traditional Muslin woman. In her job, she changes her clothes and dresses like a Westerner. Every day she crosses not only a geographical border, but also a cultural and religious one.
Following the viewing of the film, we would like to discuss about the changing world, we all live in.
This gathering will be held mainly in English, however, you are welcome to add to the discussion in German of course, if preferred.

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Beginn: Mi., 22.04.2020, 18:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Kursort: Ortszentrum, Hofmarkweg 7, vhs-Raum 3

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