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English Film & Discussion Facebook - Danger or Benefit

Worldwide, there are two billion Facebook (FB) users who use their FB accounts on a monthly basis and 31 million of these alone come from Germany. What makes social media so attractive?
Why do we utilize this form of communication in more and more areas of our lives despite the recent major FB data scandal which happened in the spring of 2018? Furthermore, what implications or effects does FB have on our daily lives, our thoughts and our actions?

Our American documentary will serve as a basis for discussion of these and additional questions that arise after viewing. There will be plenty of opportunity to exchange opinions and ask questions. This gathering will be held mainly in English, however, you are welcome to add to the discussion in German of course, if preferred.
Unfortunately, we cannot mention the title of the film presently due to legal restrictions. You'll find out when you come and join us for an interesting evening of film and discussion!

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Kursnr.: Z19102

Beginn: Mi., 23.01.2019, 18:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Kursort: Ortszentrum, Hofmarkweg 7, vhs-Raum 3

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Ortszentrum, vhs-Raum 3
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